Vegetables Every Day

Vegetables Every Day
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes, things don’t turn out how you think…

If it seems like it’s been a long time since I have posted anything about what’s come out of the kiln, well, it has.  The kiln has been fired many times since September (the last time I posted). I have done a couple of bisque firings (not too exciting or photogenic), and I have done two glaze firings…  mostly the same things twice, and some still aren’t done.   For me, there is always the problem of expectations.  When I put glaze on something, I always have in mind what I think it should come out like, even though there are a thousand variables, and I’m not exactly precise about how I do it.  As a result, things different than expected, not implying good or bad, just different.   Sometimes, I just set them aside for long enough to forget my expectation, and can look at them objectively.  But I really didn’t like the pieces in January’s firing.  After more glaze, and another firing, they are better… but have been set aside (and I’m guessing I will add more glaze and fire awaylater).  I did get a few pieces out, some masks, and some small pieces with new glaze.  Check them out.  And remember, if you want something, the best time to ask is soon after it comes out of the kiln, and I have not figured out if I like it or not, when its not past the point of “it’s not like I though it  would be”.

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