Vegetables Every Day

Vegetables Every Day
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Desert Botanical Garden

One of my favorite “tourist” destinations in Phoenix is the Desert Botanical Garden, and this spring they have a really wonderful exhibition Chihuly: The Nature of Glass.  There are incredible, large works all throughout the garden, interspersed with the cactus and other plantings (including the pond out to one end).  The best way to describe is a few pictures:

These might look like marbles, but they are really large, the boat is life size.

It can be hard to tell where the cactus stop and glass starts..

Inside the new cactus garden...

Yes, a little strange.

The one inside display.

In addition to the glass, the butterfly tent is open.  I was not able to make reservations today to visit either today or tomorrow (Saturday or Sunday), and next weekend is the plant sale…  Plan ahead, and best bet is to visit weekdays (we went on a Thur a few weeks ago, and even then, it was pretty busy).  But don't miss it!

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