Vegetables Every Day

Vegetables Every Day
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, One Year Later

Last February, Roy set up the web site and blog for my birthday present. I have now been blogging for a whole year!  This is the longest I have done any kind of a journal on my own.  I have tried to maintain some standards:  keep it interesting, a bit witty and don’t horribly mangle the English language.  Plus remember: anyone can Google you.   It seems to be popular: I have a total of about 9000 hits, with over 4100 going through to read articles,  I am typically getting 200-300 read article hits per week now. But I can’t get too excited, some significant portion of hits are web spiders (not people), and some are me looking for stuff.    There have been 83 entries, 31 on food and 30 on books. The most popular entry has been the review on Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver.  Enough statistics -- pretty soon you will be wondering how old I am.  Roy claims I have hit my rebellious teenage years in my 40’s (implying that I’m no longer 39…).  My rebellions started small (like not serving green bean casserole at Thanksgiving), and the latest has been to forsake working for a big corporation to start a consulting business… Parallel Semiconductor, LLC.    OK, I will still be working (knock on wood) for big corporations.. but hoping to have a bit more variety, and a bit more free time (although the people in this business keep telling me its feast or famine).   So this February, Roy has set up another web site for me:  Check it out, wish me luck, and expect me to keep being a little rebellious.

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