Vegetables Every Day

Vegetables Every Day
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Results from May’s Glaze firing…

The most exciting thing about pottery is unloading the kiln after a glaze firing.  I have been making some masks based on a consignment order from my in-laws for their new back-yard..  (its very private, so they needed a few faces staring back at them ).  This opening definitely had some mixed results.  I liked all the pieces, but I really didn’t expect the cracks in most of the masks.  Oh well, I think the cracks like wrinkles… it gives some character, but we will have some mixed feelings.  Notice the face that Bridget did does not have any cracks… ah, to be a kid again!   Here are the pictures:

There is also a very nice, very purple bowl (do you like purple,,, it can be yours!), and one pretty cool vessel (one with some attitude), and another that looks good in the herb garden (maybe it will need to find a permanent home there…)

There was one more vase in the firing, which is back in the kiln now… I am trying to slump some glass on it.  Also trying to decide if this is the fate of “Ghostly”… I originally planned to add some glass as well, but liked it too much to do an experiment.

Let me know what you think... if there is something you like, let me know!

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