Vegetables Every Day

Vegetables Every Day
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Farmer's Market

My happiest find in 2006 was a “real” farmers market in Phoenix. I horribly missed the Auburn (California) farmers market.. especially peaches that you had to eat over the sink they were so juicy.  I had tried… Scottsdale had one I happened upon a couple of years ago, with only a few sad wilted vegetables, the ‘farmer’ market in the Casa Paloma shopping center, where the one farmer (amid the other folks selling soap and beaded purses), when asked about the strawberries (which seemed out of season) said they were from Watsonville (just like inside the grocery store).  But now, Ahwatukee has a real farmers market, with 5+ farms showing up regularly. They run on Sunday mornings starting about 9am at the Tennis center on the NW corner of 48th and Warner (behind McDonalds – there’s some irony).  There is one lady (usually in the back) with great root vegetables, carrots and turnips, plus really nice greens (and good prices), another guy with eggs, bell peppers and broccoli (already thinking of an omelet), plus Sri – who has the biggest stand and most variety, including lots of Asian fruits and vegetables.  Plus the tomato people. There are some others that show up, with cheese, tuna, bread, some prepared foods. Tthe salsa lady is worth a mention because in addition to being made locally, its low in salt – a rarity in prepared foods.

Right now, you can get all the basic winter vegetables – cabbage, broccoli, root vegetables including potatoes and onions, plus some stuff that must be coming from green houses, like bell peppers and tomatoes. And of course, lots of citrus.  The lettuce is looking real good, everything seems to be springing back from the freeze in January.  I’m interested the progression as it gets hotter, the market eventually shuts down for summer.  But hopefully there will be peaches.

Next… some idea’s on what to do with all of these vegetables.

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